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Paint prep

Thursday, October 7th, 2004

We’re going to paint the kitchen, breakfast room, and powder room this weekend, so I went over to the house and gave the walls in these rooms a light sanding and a good spackling. M. picked up the paint this afternoon. She found a really deep red for the kitchen, called “Autumn Maple”, that provides a nice contrast to the very light maple cabinets and natural oak trim (which of course doesn’t match the rest of the house). The powder room is going to be a nice shade of blue–dark, but not too dark.


Thursday, October 7th, 2004

The Exterminator came today to check for termites and give our house/yard the once over for any other critter problems. He reported that there is no evidence of termites and all the wood in the basement is in great shape. However, the basement bathroom, which is non-functional and has some rotten baseboards, seems to have been a home for wood beetles at some point in the past. Fortunately, they only survive in damp wood, and the bathroom is pretty much bone dry now. This means that demolition of the downstairs bathroom is bumped up a bit on the todo list, which is fine by me.

Outside, under the breakfast room, some animal (like a raccoon, rabbit, or possum) has made a nice comfy nest out of some insulation. He said that we’re going to have to nip that in the bud or our uninvited guest will be bringing his family and friends along in the winter.

Lastly, our towering sugar maple in the backyard seems to have quite the colony of carpenter ants, and we’re going to need to make sure that those stay in the tree and away from the house.

Cleaning Up Inside and Out

Thursday, October 7th, 2004

A crew from The Dust Connection came over and scrubbed away layers of dirt and grime inside of the house–now it seems much more ready for us to move in.

The Plumber came and pumped all the junk out of our catch basin. We never had a catchbasin when I was growing up, and apparently, it acts as a sort of gathering place for debris, sediment, and general flotsam and jetsam that drains from the kitchen, stationary tub, washing machine, and in some cases, gutters. Keeping this stuff out of the city sewers seems to be A Good Thing.

Word from The Plumber is that our basin is structurally in good shape, and now it’s squeaky clean (not that you’d want to eat dinner down there or anthing like that) and good to go for a number of years.

It just doesn’t get much more exciting than this.