Just a little off the top please

Last week, Cy from A1 Tree service came over and trimmed our trees. He basically thinned out both the big maple in the front and the HUGE maple in the backyard. We really needed the trees to be trimmed as they’ve both got big scars on their trunks from some long past trauma, and the tree in the backyard is actually hollow near the bottom. The less weight they have on top, the less likely they are to blow over in a storm.

They both look good and allow a lot more light through, but the front tree looks radically different: it’s shaped taller as they removed a lot of the lower branches. In fact, it looks much older now–more regal and stately. And even better, you can see a lot more of the house from the street now since the low-hanging branches are gone.

Perhaps the biggest improvement came not from having our trees trimmed, but from our neighbor to the South having two of her trees cut down (one was right up against her house, the other right up against her garage). The tree in her front yard stood right South of our sunroom, and consequently, it blocked a lot of light to both the sunroom and the living room. It also blocked our view down the block as well as all views of our house from the South end of the block. Now I can see our house from all the way down at the corner! This is a really nice improvement, but it’s going to pay off in spades with additional sunlight in the winter–the sunroom and living room get about twice as much light as they used to.

Lastly, the other tree that she had removed was on the far Southwest end of her property, and we’ve now got tons more light in our backyard.

Yay sunlight!

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  1. Kristin Says:

    Congratulations! The sun room sounds lovely, especially now with more light.

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