AC Install Complete: Blower fixed

Jim came out the first day that we were available to fix our vibrrrrating blower. We were slightly worried that they were going to have to replace the entire blower, but it turns out that Jim just replaced the motor.

The motor in the Space Pak blower is a real mover, so to prevent it from being a shaker, it has several weights attached to it to add stability. It turns out that one of the weights on our motor was missing entirely, and so the motor was woefully unbalanced which caused the vibration. Kind of like when your washing machine starts shaking when all your clothes get stuck on one side–except in this case, the washing machine is is spinning at several thousand revolutions per minute.

It only took Jim about 1:15 to finish up the work, and now we’re enjoying our cool and quiet house.

Oh, and zoned cooling be damned–I’m happy to say that the temperature difference from the first floor to the second floor is less than one degree.

3 Responses to “AC Install Complete: Blower fixed”

  1. Scott Says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kristie Says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your experience too. And you accomplished your mission: you really helped a homeowner contemplating high velocity (me) to understand the steps to this process. I now feel more qualified to make a decision on hv. Hopefully (if I go with it) I can find contractors as conscientious as yours! Thanks a bunch…

  3. Ken Says:

    What a great narative, thanks for the help. I have a similar requirement to retrofit AC into a house, but only need to do the top floor, so I can consider a High velocity System or a conventional one. How do you like the cooling now that you have had this for 2 summers? Do you feel a large draft right below the openings?

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