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It’s The Smell

Friday, September 24th, 2004

The basement is stale, but oddly not musty. The windows in the basement are all painted shut, so it’s never really aired out in ages. Combine that with the stale smell of paint applied sometime in the last year, and a whiff of sewer gas from what I can only presume is a dried-out P-trap in one of the basement drains, and you’ve got a beaut of a stink. So we stopped by The Paint Store and picked up a few Odor Magnets and scattered them around the basement.

We got the “natural” scent ones, and I don’t know how these things work, but they really do suck the smells out of the air instead of masking it with some annoying phony smell. We used one of these a few years ago when we painted my office at home, and the strong paint smell was gone in less than two days. Let’s hope these do as well for the basement.